QEGUK provides specialist training, consultancy and support, covering all aspects of international student provision, including: compliance, international student protection and safeguarding, educational guardianship, risk management and its own unique, quality assurance process: validation.  

QEGUK operates as an independent, non-membership organisation, which promotes high standards and excellence in all aspects of international student provision. 


QEGUK Quality Assurance Validation  

QEGUK offers a holistic, strengths-based quality assurance process, validation, which culminates in a rigorous audit, once every three years. The validation process, founded on QEGUK's unique methodology, covers all aspects of international student provision and is available to those schools, colleges and universities with international students on roll.   


The emphasis throughout is on positive, collaborative engagement with QEGUK, thereby enabling organisations to operate more effectively to the highest standards of international student care and provision.  


QEGUK's cyclical validation process demonstrates to a wide audience - importantly, international students and overseas parents - an organisation's commitment to excellence in international student provision.     




Excellence In International Student Provision

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