Who We Are 

Val Barnes



Founder, QEGUK 




Val has over thirty years’ experience of education, including inspection and compliance. She believes that high quality care and standards are essential for promoting the very best in international student provision.


Through QEGUK, Val is committed to ensuring that all international students studying here in the UK, a group she has identified as being particularly vulnerable, receive the highest standards of care, support and guidance.


She is of the firm belief that effective delivery of high-quality safeguarding by schools, colleges and universities, working collaboratively with educational guardianship companies, agents and consultants is the major contributory factor to securing and thereby enhancing each international student’s health, well-being and happiness.

Martin Ayres

BSc(Hons), HMI


Consultant and Adviser, QEGUK  



Martin is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected authorities on safeguarding and well-being. He is a recognised expert in child protection, having spent his entire career working in children's services in a range of operational, policy and senior management roles.


With HMI status, he has also been heavily involved in policy development, inspection and service improvement. He has also worked overseas on behalf of the UK Government and inspection agencies.


In 2013, Martin was invited to become Head of Inspection for the Independent Schools Inspectorate with a particular focus on strengthening inspection arrangements. In this role, he was responsible for all inspection activity in relation to independent schools and colleges in England and overseas.


Martin helps local authorities, schools and colleges prepare for inspection and advises on quality assurance arrangements, measuring outcomes and auditing both in the UK and overseas. He is commissioned by school associations and groups of schools to provide independent help and support, including the development of new inspection methodologies based on improvement.


Martin is passionate about good outcomes for children and young people and increasing life opportunities through education and building their resilience.


QEGUK prides itself on the quality of its consultants, all of whom are highly qualified, experienced specialists, 

committed to the sharing and promotion of best practice in all aspects of international student provision. 


Shared Values

Quality in the delivery of our consultancy, training, support and validation: QEGUK's unique quality assurance process to schools, colleges and universities. 
in our diligent approach to ensuring that those schools, colleges and universities  - working with overseas parents, international students, educational guardianship companies, agents and consultants - receive the requisite levels of advice, support and guidance. 

that are maintained consistently high, through QEGUK training, professional development courses and validation, so that the needs of international students are fully met by schools, colleges and universities. 


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